PepWave Surf On-The-Go

Professional-grade Wi-Fi router designed for travelers, and mobile users



Compatibility. Out-of-the-Box Support for Most Modems.

The Surf On-the-Go supports 200+ USB cellular modems from more than 100 carriers. Odds are, you can plug in and start surfing instantly. But if not, just connect your modem and turn on Remote Assistance – our engineers will get right to work on adding support for your modem

Versatility. Wired, Cellular, and Wi-Fi WAN at Your Service.

The Surf makes it easy to connect via Ethernet or USB cellular. You can even use Wi-Fi for WAN connectivity. And once you’re online, you can share with as many devices as you like, even in a moving vehicle. All from a tiny mobile powerhouse that fits in your pocket.

InControl. Anytime, Anywhere Cloud Management.

Like all Pepwave Wi-Fi technology, you can manage your Surf On-The-Go easily, quickly, and from just about any device with our cloud-based InControl system. InControl is free, it’s everywhere, and it’s just what you need to get all your devices working together as a team.